With less than a week to go for Game of Thrones’ Season 8 to release, it is getting impossible for fans to contain their excitement.

GoT is literally on everyone’s mind and people are going crazy over it.

Amidst all this fervour, it seems Indians have already welcomed Game of Thrones, when Aarambha band played the GoT theme song on the occasion of Gudi Padwa using bulbul and dhol tasha, on the streets of Mumbai.

Arambha Dhol Tasha Pathak, are famous for their performances during various festivals. And this time they performed a desi rendition of the popular opening score of GoT.

A redditor also posted the video on Reddit India and it got people talking.


Who would’ve thought that the GoT track could be played on dhol too? They chose to do it and have completely nailed it with their hatke performance..

You can watch the video here.