Among the many life lessons that the Dhoni biopic taught us, one is this: friends are important. Very, very important. The talented small town boy went on to become the greatest captain Indian cricket has ever seen and throughout that epic journey, MSD had his loyal friends by his side. Even when he hit the big time, Dhoni stayed loyal to his roots and his three childhood friends continue to be an integral part of his life. 

Not to take anything away from his talent and dedication, but a big reason as to why everyone in the country knows about MS Dhoni today boils down to his three childhood friends: Chittu, Chottu Bhaiyya and Santosh. Chittu’s motivation, Chottu Bhaiyya’s efforts and Santosh’s helicopter shot gave Dhoni the support structure he needed to climb the ladder of success.

Bollywood Pataka

Sushant’s camaraderie with the actors who played Dhoni’s three best friends was spot on. This made us wonder if we could ever get to see a glimpse of the real off screen bond. Turns out we can!

Here’s a touching video featuring Chittu, Chottu Bhaiyya and Mahi which will definitely melt your heart:

Friends are the family you choose and Dhoni’s family is a precious one!

H/T : Miss Malini