There’s good cinema. There’s great cinema. There are classics. And then there’s Sooryavansham. We might’ve seen it a million times (thank you, Set Max) but still, we just cannot get enough of it.

So, as the film completes 20 years today, here are some epic dialogues only Bhanu Pratap & Co. could’ve given us to perfectly capture our everyday situations.

The film was clearly way ahead of its time. How else could it have predicted pop culture so accurately?

Over the years, it has inspired assassins all over the world. 

It’s the only film that understood the month-end trauma.

And just like us, it knew how annoying relatives could get.

It also taught us to value our friends.

Because even Heera Thakur could not stand tinde.

Bahut din ho gaye zeher waali kheer khaaye hue. I think we need a sequel now.

Design credit: Ashish Kumar