A lot of our hearts were left shattered when Jack Dawson froze to death while Rose survived by laying down on a door. We all know the heartbreaking scene so I won’t go in the details of it.

The Daily Edge

But one question has haunted us for decades — Was there room for Jack on the door?

Heat Magazine

Apparently, from the debates in our living rooms to plenty ‘experts’ claiming that Jack could have made it, Leonardo has finally made a comment on the situation. 


During an interview with MTV News, DiCaprio was finally made to answer this question and his response makes me think that it probably hurts him too much to remember the moment. Why? Because the actor said, “I have no comment on that”.

How could you not, Leo? Do our broken hearts mean nothing to you? We bawled our eyes out when we saw our sweet Jack Dawson freeze to death. We deserve so much more.