Disclaimer: The following article contains spoilers for Netflix’s Space Force. Reader discretion is advised. 

As I was bingeing Netflix’s much-awaited space-satire bringing Steve Carell and Lisa Kudrow in one frame, I couldn’t help but notice that they might have featured Chandrayaan 2’s launch in one of the episodes. 


In the sixth episode titled, ‘The Spy’, members of Space Force were stunned to see India launching an unnamed rocket with a technology called ‘Pegasus’. Now the thing is, the scientists at Space Force had been working on this confidential technology for a while. 

Shocked to see India’s big launch using the technology that’s purportedly only possessed by US and Space Force, the secretary of defense’s first instinct in the show was that there is a spy in the force who’s smuggling all the information to India. 

Without thinking twice, Space Force Chief General Mark Naird ( played by Steve Carell) and his chief science advisor Dr. Adrian Mallory (played by John Malkovich), set on a spy-hunt to find the mole in their institution. 

Rolling Stones

The Indian rocket launch seemed to have created a bit hassle for everyone at Space Force. The country was quite triggered  (read: threatened) by the successful launch. 

So much so, that the White House canceled General Naird’s ( Steve Carell) conjugal visit to his wife Maggie (played by Lisa Kudrow).  Why was she in prison? We still don’t know that. 

Now after a series of dramatic events and interrogating everyone who was working on developing ‘Pegasus’ and getting no leads, the secretary of defense calls General Naird to inform him that there was no leak. 

In fact, they further admit to wrongfully blaming India for using their technology and went on to give India the credit it deserves. 

Honestly, this scene gave me major goosebumps. I am not even kidding, there was a different sense of pride and excitement to watch your country’s achievements being referred to on a show. 

Now, even though the show doesn’t specify the name of the rocket. I found an easter egg to prove that they might be talking about Chandrayaan 2’s launch. 

Paraobic Launch

So the Indian launch on the show happens on June 14th according to US time. How do we know this? Because it is President Trump’s birthday on the show. And guess when was the initial launch date set for India’s second lunar mission? June 15th, 2019 i.e June 14th in the States, considering the time difference. 

Well, even though Chandrayaan 2’s launch date was rescheduled due to a technical glitch, I think we have a good case to believe that Chandrayaan 2’s launch was featured in Space Force.