All of us remember Swades to be a movie that pushed us to introspect and made us fall in love with our country just a little bit more. 


And, why not? Ashutosh Gowariker had done a fine job making this gem of a movie. But recently, a Twitter user pointed out that the movie isn’t really that perfect. 


In a tweet, he showed that Mohan Bharghav, a project manager at NASA actually made a calculation mistake. 

He also mentioned that he saw the scene at least 15 times to come to this conclusion. 

How could a person who is supposed to be working at NASA while handling complex operations make a mistake like this?  

The Indian Express

As it turns out, this was not the case at all. A fan schooled the comedian by breaking down the whole calculation for him and highlighting that there’s a mistake in the subtitle and not the movie. 

He actually added everything and did not just simply multiply it. So, the calculation would be something like- 

3 Maths books for ₹17= 221
22 Language books ₹12= 264
Total= 485

Geography books for ₹19= 152
Total= 637
8 notebooks for ₹113

The grand total would be 221+264+152+113 = 750

Screenshot from Netflix/ The Ox News

And, this is what Twitter had to say about it. 

Well, numbers never lie.