Many of you know Emilia Clarke as The Unburnt, her role as the mother of dragons in the fantasy drama series Game of Thrones has elevated her to the heights of the tinsel town, while forever assuring her a place in the hall of fame of badass heroines.

However Clarke wasn’t always the belle of the ball as she recently revealed that she didn’t exactly set the stage on fire in drama school. 

In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Emilia admitted to going to drama school and enacting in Shakespeare’s plays. However, she was never given the role of Juliet, or any of her pretty friends or sisters. The enchanting actress played the role of the Jewish grannies instead. 

When prodded further, the actress revealed, “I did all of that, but I didn’t get to play Juliet, or you know any ephemeral characters. I got like the Jewish grannies!” She even enacted the accent much to the amusement of everyone. 

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However, her statement does serve as reminder that one shouldn’t be ashamed to start small, because even the mother of dragons had quite a humble beginning!