Some characters have the same vibe, we may not be able to put our finger on it but sometimes two characters can translate in similar ways to the audience. In fact, this brilliant tweet by Twitter user Elon Mast and some responses to it have inspired us to curate a list of just this; Characters from Hollywood and Bollywood movies and shows that have the same vibe. Like these:

So, we went ahead and compiled a list of out own. Have a look!

1. Phoebe Buffay & Monisha Sarabhai

Both have their quirks and are thrifty AF.

hollywood, Bollywood characters

2. Alexis Rose & Pooja Sharma

Both have such huge ‘Main character energy,’ they really like themselves!

hollywood, Bollywood characters

3. Maddy Perez & Safeena Firdausi

Both have pretty great intuition and don’t mind letting their wild side out if anyone messes with them.

hollywood, Bollywood characters

4. Monica Geller & Piku Banerjee 

Both are absolute bosses and have control issues.

hollywood, Bollywood characters

5. Cher Horowitz & Aisha Kapoor

Both had extremely high standards and a great fashion sense.

hollywood, Bollywood characters

6. Kat Stratford & Alizeh

Both were the kind of intelligent, feminist women we’d love to be friends with.

hollywood, Bollywood characters

7. Moira Rose & Maya Sarabhai

Both are classy AF and just a little bit intimidating as well.

hollywood, Bollywood characters

8. Norm Scully & Gopi Gandotra 

Both are the cutesy, green-flag, workplace characters we all want in our own workplaces.

hollywood, Bollywood characters

Do you think these are correct, if not, tell us better combinations in the comments!