Whether it’s the pandemic or the lockdown, everything about the year 2020 has been unexpected, to say the least. But throughout this wretched year, there has been one thing that never left our side – the internet. 

From Instagram to TikTok, people on the internet have made sure to distract us with their entertaining content and we’ve honestly never valued social media entertainment as much as we have this year. So here are some social media entertainers who cheered us up throughout 2020.  

1. Yashraj Mukhate 

From Rasode Mein Kon Tha to Tommy, this music producer has surely provided us with some bingeworthy content.   

2. Kusha Kapila

From mimicking desi aunties to voice modulations, she does it all and does it too well. 

3. Krutika – The Mermaid Scales

Her quirky overdramatic makeup and her funny expressions really make her one of a kind. 

4. Sakshi Shivdasani

She literally talks about everyday stuff that happens with all of us and it is so damn relatable. 

5. Agastya Shah 

His ever so smiling face and his funny videos made us smile as well. 

6. Ronit Ashra 

He took the internet by storm by mimicing some famous actors super aptly. 

7. RJ Abhinav 

His expressions and his relatable content can make anyone laugh their ass off. 

8. That Indian Chick 

The not-so-typical girly girl talks about things that we all think about but never really say out in public. 

9. Sakshi Sidhwani 

A body advocate fashion influencer who actually gives everyone very reasonable fashion tips.    

10. Dolly Singh 

From a South Delhi girl to a middle class aunty, she mimics every character with perfection. 

11. Saloni Gaur

If there’s anyone who can do a spot on Kangana impression, it’s her.   

12. Ishita Mangal

She’s not your typical fashion influencer, she will tell you about fashion but with a lot of sass.    

13. Tanmay Bhatt

Whatever this comedian does is funny, to say the least. 

14. Ruhee Dosani

Her cheerful dance moves with her crew is pretty much everyone’s favourite part of the day. 

15. Karan Sareen – Gorgeous Potahto   

From a desi uncle to desi weddings, his relatable content relates with every desi person. 

16. Sheetal Musterya 

She’s pretty and funny, there’s a combo one can’t miss. 

17. Prajakta Koli – Mostly Sane 

She loves making a fool of herself and that’s what makes her so funny. 

18. Rohan Joshi – Mojo Rojo

He has a hilarious take on everything new and we don’t judge him for that. 

19. Srishti Dixit 

Her silly expressions and use of different filters makes her so loved by all. 

20. Roshini Bhatia – The Chique Factor  

She is a mom who carries her fashion with poise showing everyone how anything is possible. 

21. Niharika Nm

Her South Indian take on every new trend is breath of fresh air. 

22. Shreeja Chaturvedi 

There’s something about her weird comedy style that can bring a smile on anyone’s face. 

23. Carry Minati   

This guy’s comedy skits and reactions on various topics never disappoints us.      

24. Vipasha Malhotra 

She sings her way through everything that is happening around us and that’s so refreshing. 

25. Nick – Beyounick 

His comic acts are one of a kind. 

26. Apoorva – the.rebel.kid

We love her hilarious take on every new show or movie that comes online. 

27. Abhijeet Kain

From a desi kid to a desi mom, he does it all and makes everyone laugh. 

28. Mikeal Akash   

His use of some very weird filters and expressions makes everyone crack up.    

29. Aishwarya Mohanraj 

How can one not get entertained by her comic timing? 

30. Kareema Barry

Maya Sarabhai surely has some competition here. 

Thank you for entertaining us.