Dil Chahta Hai released in 2001. Yeah, it’s been that long! More than 15 years have passed but it still remains to be the most iconic film of this generation. Akash, Sameer and Sid became characters that this generation identified with and continue to do so. Their conversation doesn’t feel filmy because those are the conversations we have with our friends and family. It never goes over the top and you never say, ‘Who does this in real life?’. 

Source: bollyspice

Cinema Beyond Entertainment, a YouTube channel, has just refreshed our memory of this classic film and presented it in a whole new light. 

They went ahead and psychoanalyzed the film and the stuff they pointed out, will surely blow your mind away. 


To psychoanalyze the film, they’ve used the classic Freudian iceberg theory, which describes the three states of mind; Id, Ego and Superego.


According to the theory, Akash represents Id.

Akash (Aamir Khan) is the Id. Id is the basic pleasure principle and that is Akash’s motto in life. He lives his life to satisfy immediate gratification.


Sid represents Superego.

Siddharth (Akshaye Khanna) is the Superego, which represents the ideal scenario. Superego and Id are at constant battle with each other of fulfilling your immediate desire and doing the right thing.


And Sameer represents Ego.

Sameer (Saif Ali Khan) is the Ego. The ego has to constantly struggle to find the ideal point between Id and superego. Which is what Sameer does, in trying to patch things up between Akash and Siddharth.


These three characters form a great ensemble cast in the film and together they represent one’s state of mind.

Watch the video that describes it all here:

Source: Cinema Beyond Entertainment