Feminism, in the present day world, is a term as misunderstood as life on Mars. And every attempt to simplify the word somehow seems to get it more and more entangled. But how did a two-line definition become the most confused theory in the history of the human race? Well, that’s a discussion we’d rather save for some other day!


But for the benefit of men and women who fail to understand the term, here’e everything the word is not:

Feminism is not an association of a few enraged men-hating, ball-breaking, bra-burning women. Neither is it a cool fad to be associated with on social media.


So what is it, then? Who is a feminist? Who is a feminazi? Are all career oriented women feminists? Or all homemakers anti-feminists? Can men be feminists? But shouldn’t they be menists? What does a feminist look like?

How about we tell you what a feminist does not look like instead.





And here’s what a feminist actually looks like:

Yes, men can be feminists too. In fact, anybody who simply believes in gender equality is a feminist! 

Because, it’s not about who you are. It’s not about the gender or the body you’re born with. It’s about the mindset. And for once, if you could wipe the clutter and noise surrounding the term, you’d know it’s not difficult to understand Feminism, for it only advocates equal rights.

Nothing less, nothing more.


By putting these stars’ pictures we do not mean to pin point them but we mean to single out the ideologies they believe in. There could be thousands of such people who could second their favourite star’s ideology and corrupt their own understanding of the concept. And that’s precisely why the situation becomes all the more dangerous.

In fact, thinking of this term, I am reminded of this particular scene from one of the most progressive movies of our times, Dil Dhadakne Do, and how beautifully it drives the message of feminism home. All in one scene.

Watch the video here:


 Source: MeTV


Long story short, feminism is about equality. Nothing more, nothing less!