Unless you have been living under an egg, you know there’s one which broke Kylie Jenner’s record for the most liked picture on Instagram. 

Now, while Kylie seems unaffected… 

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Diljit isn’t. He is angry, very angry.

So angry, that he took a similar looking egg, broke it and bhurji-ed the fuck out of it. 

Kylie tension free rahe bas

The singer-actor, who claims that he wrote Do You Know for Kylie, also asked her to tell him if there’s any problem and that she should post as many posts as she likes (Diljit, however cute, needs some reality check).

The ‘world record egg’, has garnered 48 million likes within 14 days. 

The egg has been all over the news since past few days but hey, Kylie need not worry. Diljit’s got her back.