The lockdown has managed to show us yet another hidden talent of the singer, songwriter, actor and low-key comedian and fashionista Diljit Dosanjh. Quarantine has turned our down-to-earth homeboy into a chef who shares tempting step by step recipes on Instagram. 

The Indian Express

Yesterday, in a series of Instagram stories, Diljit shared his makeshift recipe of a very scrumptious Pindi chola-aloo, with a side of hilarious jokes. And we have to say we were impressed. 

If you are someone who’s wondering what to cook today, try Diljit’s step-by-step recipe of chola-aloo:  

Diljit’s pro tip: add 2 black tea bags with your overnight soaked chola before you seal the pressure cooker.

Then toss some jheera and kasuri meethi in olive oil for your tadka. 

And then add some well seasoned, tomato and green chilly puree to the mix. 

Diljit’s pro tip: Always keep your kitchen clean. Like a very responsible chef, Diljit cleaned up his own mess. Even wiped the slightest splatters.

And then he added some Pav Bhaji masala (basically whichever masala he could grab) to his Pindi chola-aloo

Now we know why Diljit told us to add the black tea bags to his white chole, it gave them a wonderful colour!

After taking out his chola-aloo from the pressure cooker, along with the stock, he added it to the tadka. 

And then he let the masala and chola-aloo simmer for a couple of minutes before taking the kadai off the stove.  

And voila, Diljit’s Pindi aloo-cholo is ready!

Well, every time I think Diljit can’t get any better than he already is, he shows us a hidden talent and manages to prove me wrong. I think it’s safe to say that Diljit deserves his own cooking show.