Those of us who have been following Diljit, know that he has always been the king of comebacks. 

He is delightfully savage, witty and has never shied away from taking a strong stand. So, we decided to compile some of his best responses on the internet. Read on.

1. His responses to Kangana gave life to the entire internet, for it was the first time a celebrity has stood their ground against her so strongly.

It all started after Kangana shared a picture of a woman from the farmers’ protests and called her Bilkis Bano, the face of Shaheen Bagh protests. In something expected of Kangana now, her tweet was extremely distasteful, and this did not go down well with Diljit. 

He responded to her by tweeting:

Not the one to keep quiet, Kangana steeped even lower than before and called Diljit ‘Karan Johar ke paltu‘.

Following which, a war of words started between the two and Diljit can safely be declared the winner of that. 

2. But even before this, Diljit was very particular about not taking shit from trolls when it comes to farmers’ protests. 

This one time a person responded to his Instagram post by writing, “Apni anpad soch nu loko na ladwao. 10 padhke singer banjande ho fir loka nu bevkoof banaude ho. Sara desh bil de naal hai (sic)”. 

And Diljit had the perfect response for the guy. 

Bill de spelling tainu aundi ni. Pata tainu swaah hoga.

3. When he appeared on Koffee With Karan and owned the show with his humility, wit, and sense of humour. Seriously, that episode was one of talk show’s best-ever.

4. When he gave the perfect clap-back to the troll who asked him to wish people on Hindu festivals. 

Diljit had wished his fans a happy Prakash Utsav, when a person commented, “Kabhi hindu festival ki bhi badhai de diya kr joode wale”. To this Diljit responded by saying that he respects all religions equally. 

5. A person once asked Diljit to star opposite girls who have beautiful legs. To this, Diljit nicely said asked him to change his mentality and that a woman can wear whatever she wants. Meaning, she is not obligated to show her legs to anyone. 

The other guy deleted his tweet soon.

6. During one of his concerts, a fan asked him to sing a ‘sad song’. Diljit being Diljit hilariously told him that he is very happy, so there will be no sad songs. 

Sad song? Why sad song? No. I am not sad today, I am very happy. Tonight is my last show. I am very happy … no sad song.

7. Keeping up with the pop culture trends, he has this hilarious response to the person who asked him if he played PUBG.

8. When he chose to stand up to people saying nasty stuff about him because of his stand on farmers’ protests. He said that he is not a celebrity, he is one of Punjab’s own. 

He’s called ‘The GOAT’ for a reason.