A few days ago, alleged reports of the Income Tax department launching an investigation about actor/singer Diljit Dosanjh had gone viral. 

According to these reports Dosanjh’s Punjabi record label company, Speed Records had been on the Income Tax department’s radar. 

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However, earlier today, the Punjabi artist took to Twitter to share a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from the Ministry of Finance. 

Dosanjh also responded to those who he thought were spreading fake news about him on the internet. 

In another tweet, Diljit said: ‘The circumstances are such that I now have to give proof of my Indian citizenship. Don’t spread hate’.

Twitter has been abuzz with hashtags like #StandWithDiljit since the ‘reports’ of this I-T investigation went viral. 

Meanwhile, Diljit has been quite vocal in his support of the farmers protesting in the national capital. During his visits to the sites of these protests, he had urged the media to support the farmers by showing their peaceful protests.