While we all may have laughed at Rapunzel's long blonde hair being used as a rope climber, in retrospect, was she doing the right thing all along being trapped and self quarantining herself with a chameleon in a desolate tower?  

The internet is going bad shit crazy after these uncanny coincidences between the current scenario and the animated Disney film, Tangled which might have been another one among many to predict that coronavirus was indeed a close tru

But what's funny and at the same time quite eerie is that the kingdom that Rapunzel is from, happens to be…any guesses? CORONA. Yep.  

Rapunzel is basically all day at home, juggling household chores, painting and baking to keep herself entertained because she isn't allowed to venture into the outside world. Doesn't this sound like every one of us right now who is suffering and experiencing this pandemic?  

Maybe now is a good time to revisit old books, films and series, who knows where we might find another prediction?