Disney + has finally landed in India, and perfect timing too – we’re all stuck at home and aching for new material to watch. As magical as it is to have a dedicated Disney stream however, one thing that I immediately noticed was the lack of some of my favourite toons from back in the day. Shows like these. 

1. Talespin

This show, featuring characters adapted from The Jungle Book like Baloo and Shere Khan, has a special place in our hearts. It came on TV when we got home from school, and was set in a town where all the animals operate different businesses. Truly one of the most charming cartoons you’ll ever see.

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2. Darkwing Duck

For all intents and purposes, this show is a spin-off of Ducktales. It features ordinary suburban duck Drake Mallard as the superhero Darkwing Duck – a bumbling but good-hearted hero and dad. This was an iconic show, and one of the first Disney productions to be a legitimate parody of superhero culture. 

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3. Gargoyles

In the midst of all the kiddy Disney fare, which was amazing in itself, lay this gem. Gargoyles involved the titular characters acting as the night-time protectors of New York, and the show was lauded for its dark theme and complex storylines. Many people would love to revisit the show as adults.


4. Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers

This. This was one of the main reasons why afternoon cartoons ruled. This show took the established characters of Chip and Dale and put them in a setting where they run a detective agency with their friends. Together, they solve crimes and get into all manner of furry funniness.


5. Silly Symphonies

These beautifully bizarre shorts were made in the 1930s, if you can believe it! They consist of some truly imaginative pieces set to music, and the entire collection of 75 films is truly a masterpiece. Remember The Skeleton Dance? Yeah, that’s part of this ‘silly’ little creation.

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6. Aladdin – The Series

Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie’s adventures continued for a pretty long minute after the movie went off theatres. The series was a fun watch, and even spawned a video game that everyone was playing at one point of time.

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7. Ducktales

Yes, the 2017 Ducktales is available and it is solid – great cast, super funny, everything. But the charm of this show lies in its original run, 90s animation and everything. It’d be fun to see the OG Scrooge and his gang get up to their usual madness.

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Hopefully, Hotstar can bring in these shows as well. It would truly feel like going back in time.