We live in a country where the CBFC does not spare films like The Jungle Book and The Angry Birds Movie. So when films like Udta Punjab dealing with the drug crisis in the state face censorship issues, Twitter is likely to go crazy and start a new ‘trend’. But for those who have been closely reading the newspapers this news may not come as much of surprise. The weekend trend on Twitter was “We Support Udta Punjab”.

In one of the episodes of On Air With AIB, the founders had discussed Punjab’s drug crisis hence a reaction from them was expected. 

People like Hansal Mehta and Shruti Seth sure has a style of pointing out you’re useless without actually saying it. 

Meanwhile Twitterati showed their full support for the release of Udta Punjab

In the age of internet, very few people tweet after getting their facts checked: These being some of them. 

Then there were few people who were in support of Udta Punjab but were fed with wrong information. The film has not been banned, people! 

The film is not even banned and yet the public is too busy raging. Perhaps, talks volumes about the anticipation on the film’s release.