If Netflix has become your one true love, you are not alone. 

After years of trying to find good content through various websites that change their domain name every two weeks, Netflix has brought a ton of stability into our lives. While that story deserves a documentary of its own, for now, the other documentary films on Netflix are everything one can ask for. Classified into various genres, some of them are completely gripping and worth every buck you spend on your monthly subscription. 

If you are into documentaries, these 12 films on Netflix should totally be on your list:

1. One in a Billion

A man from Punjab who made his way through the NBA, Satnam Singh’s journey through all the hardships is beautifully portrayed in a poignant manner in this documentary. He talks about his initial days in the US and the language barrier that was a hardship for him. 

The documentary is an insight into his dreams and the way he achieved them.


2. Citizenfour

This Academy Award-winning documentary tells the story of Edward Snowden, the man who basically told the world that they were being spied on. His days in the NSA gave him a lot of information on the ways the US government was ‘using’ its resources to gather information on civilians. 

The film offers a limited point of view but if you want to know his side of the story, this tells a lot.


3. Born into Brothels

This Academy Award-winning film documents the lives of children who were born in Kolkata’s red light area. A documentary photographer visited their homes and started recording their everyday lives, offers to teach them photography and as a result, realises that a lot of their talents are left unnoticed because of the lack of resources and their surroundings that limit them to their neighbourhood. 

The money earned through the film was used in the schooling of these kids.

4. Sour Grapes

This documentary set in the fine-wine auction market is about Rudy Kurniawan, a man who posed to be larger than life. Earning millions of dollars and the trust of LA’s richest, he soon became a man who came under suspicion because of his resources. 

The documentary is treated as a mystery and Rudy’s story will make you question authenticity of vintage possessions.

5. Amy

The British documentary about the life of Amy Winehouse is composed from archival footage from the singer’s life. The music of the film flows with the tragedy that she lived through. There have been various accounts stating some manipulation but this documentary certainly deserves a viewing for its storytelling.

6. Death of a Gentleman

This documentary chronicles the way cricket has changed thanks to the takeover of the ‘Big Three’ (ICC, ECB and CA) in ICC. 

The way India, England and Australian boards have taken over the world has certainly affected smaller teams along with the teams seeking Test status. The film also talks about the change in the treatment of the game.

7. Trumbo

Trumbo talks about the life of the Academy award-winning screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo and how he was blacklisted in the 1940s. 

He was a part of the ‘Hollywood Ten’ who were banished for the communist ties. However, even during the time when he was not credited, Trumbo did some great work.

8. The Internet’s Own Boy

This is the story of Aaron Swartz, the man who revolutionized the way Internet is used. 

He was a computer programmer, writer, political organizer and an Internet activist who believed that information should not be protected by gatekeepers. His struggle against the system, that eventually broke him, is narrated through his old interviews and interviews with his friends and family members.

9. Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Aileen Wuornos killed seven men in the late 1980s. 

The documentary revolves around the judiciary giving her death sentence even when her state of mind was questionable. The court found her ‘of sound mind’ and that is precisely what the film questions.

10. Cartel Land

While Netflix’s Narcos tells the fictionalised story of an era gone by, this documentary tells the current situation of the drug war in Mexico. The film focuses on vigilante groups fighting against the drug cartels and keeps one hooked.

11. Maidentrip

This documentary tells the story of Laura Dekker, a 14-year-old who became the youngest to sail around the world. Mostly shot by Dekker herself, the film is a journey that completely makes you believes that age has nothing to do with achievements.

12. 13TH

The film is titled after the 13th amendment in the US which prohibited slavery. 

The film explores that race divide in the US in terms of convicts and offers a point of view that is worth looking into. The film was even nominated for an Academy Award.

Add these to your list, today!