Bollywood has a habit of teaming up strong and innovative storylines with out-of-place romances that make us cringe. So many brilliant movies could have done without the dancing-around-bushes love songs and item numbers. 

Here are a few movies that should have completely ignored the romance angle and focused on the main story instead:

1. Swades

While Gita’s role was necessary to edge Mohan on in the film, a romantic relationship between the two did the story no good, apart from a nice song.

Bollywood Hungama

2. Shakuntala Devi

This film based on the life of the ‘human computer’ did not need to focus so much on her chronicles with men and maybe give us a bit more about her journey with maths instead.  

3. Lagaan

While Bhuvan and Gauri’s story was seamless and fit into the storyline, Elizebeth falling in love with Bhuvan instead of being just a nice person who wanted to help Indians – was a tad bit over the top. 


4. Rang De Basanti 

While Durga and Ajay’s relationship was crucial to the storyline, DJ falling in love with Sue seemed too ‘Bollywood’ and was pushed into the storyline for the sake of it. 

5. PK

PK falling in love with Jagat might have been an attempt to tap into the alien’s ‘humanity’ but we were happy enough with Jagat and Sarfraz’s relationship. We didn’t need PK making googly eyes at Jagat and making things incredibly awkward. 


6. Dear Zindagi 

A story about a young woman who has lived with childhood trauma all her life, finally finds a therapist who changes her life. Why did she have to be attracted to him? Eeks. 

7. Gully Boy 

As much as we loved Kalki’s character in the film, Sky falling for Murad did not do the storyline any favours. 


8. Pad Man 

Wasn’t this one based on a real life story? Then why did they feel the need to have Pari attracted towards Laxmi Kant? Just because he was played by Akshay Kumar. 

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9. Mission Mangal

In this movie about ISRO, Parmeshwar unhealthy obsession with Eka was distracting to say the least. There are bigger problems to deal with. 


10. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag 

While Sonam Kapoor’s character in this movie based on the life of the legend, Milkha Singh, can be justified as his origin story. What about the Australian actress who was roped in for a single song? She didn’t do the storyline any favours. 


11. Special 26 

Kajal Aggarwal was in this movie? Yes, she played Akshay Kumar’s love interest and had 20 minutes of screen time that was absolutely unforgettable.  


12. Dus

This brilliant movie could have definitely done without the sexual tension between Sanjay Dutt and Shilpa Shetty. We loved them as cops who were doing their job and didn’t really need anything more. 


13. Airlift 

Inspired by real-life events, the movie had a story storyline to follow through. And yet we had a few romance numbers and a rocky marriage thrown in, because Bollywood. 


14. Every Dhoom movie ever

No one watches the Dhoom series for the romantic love stories, we’re here for the heist. So give us a charming villain, a great robbery and leave the romance to movies that actually need it. 

Bollywood Hungama

Which movie do you think didn’t need a romance angle?