YouTuber and Instagram influencer Dolly Singh is famous for her on-spot impersonations of desi parents and relatives. 

But this time around, she is going viral for something entirely different.

It’s for the party she threw her boyfriend, and yes, it deserves all the attention. Because it was an epic The Office themed birthday party. 

Dolly took to Instagram to share a video of the party she planned for her boyfriend, Manu Chaturvedi. Since both of them are “obsessed with the show”, she planned the event with the help of Pitara Events, a bespoke gifting and wedding planning company. 

From exclusive posters (Yes, Threat Level Midnight) to Michael Scott’s quotes to a Dundee Award, the party had everything a fan of The Office would want. 

Including a personalized Regional Manager plaque. 

And of course, her boyfriend’s reaction was priceless. 

You can watch the entire set-up of the party here: 

What is the procedure to get a boyfriend and a Schitt’s Creek themed-party before you turn 30? Asking for a friend.