Donna Paulsen kicks ass!

She’s the woman with the razor sharp tongue and the Concorde-paced mind we’ve been cheering for all these years, right from Season 1 in 2011. Her unapologetic attitude and unabashed style has contributed a great deal to the popularity of the show, Suits. As the series progressed, so did her popularity. Women all over took started seeing her as a role model, a dignified, hard-working, no-nonsense modern woman who knows how to take charge and stay in control.

Men admire her with equal reverence. Her dominance and power in what still happens to be a ‘man’s world’, more so in a working environment dominated by men, shows that when you set your mind to something, you make it happen against all odds. 

So yeah, it might be safe to say that pretty much everyone loves Donna. Honestly, what’s not to love?


Between Harvey Specter and Donna, the lady is the real boss

Her firm, Pearson Hardman, just can’t do without her and everyone there knows that. Especially Harvey Specter. Despite their personal history and on-and-off relationship, her role in his professional life goes far, far beyond the title of just a ‘legal secretary’ or ‘personal assistant’; she literally keeps his entire life in order.

Even though a partner, Specter listens and takes every suggestion of hers into serious consideration. He knows she’s got his back. She’s the only one he trusts, that too blindly. Initially, she alone knew the truth about Mike’s secret but stayed a loyal confidante and kept it safe. She came to her boss’ aid in every sticky mess. 

Donna gave 12 years of her life to this man and he’s aware of the superwoman he’s got by his side.


An invaluable asset to the law firm

The lady is a wild-thinking, fast-acting damage control machine that just keeps on working. Donna always knows what’s up. She’s a powerhouse, a one-woman army. Her eyes and ears are forever open, noticing the smallest movement or change in her hood. She can see through any lie. She never lets her personal life interfere with her professional one.

Donna’s observant nature and calculative brain make her an inseparable and highly appreciated employee of the company. From a junior to the senior-most authority, every member of the law firm believes in her all-rounder skills and unmatched dedication to her job. Donna never plays with serious business and knows exactly how to get the work done. 

When you’re Donna, you don’t take no for an answer.


Mind-boggling self-assuredness and self-love

Donna reaches the epitome of independence. Even when she’s occasionally vulnerable, she’s got the situation at hand in check. The best part is that she never takes herself for granted. Fiercely proud of who she is, Donna cheekily gives herself a pat on the back whenever she deserves it. She doesn’t take shit from anyone.

She’s also an advocate of justice. When she’s wronged or misunderstood, she holds her chin up and never lets anyone get to her. Yes, she made a few bloopers in her long career in testing times but always owned up to her mistakes, took responsibility for her actions and managed damage control, one way or another.


A sense of humour to die for

Almost borderline gloating at times, as we all know! But she’s right every damn time, isn’t she? So well, everyone just shut up and follow her! When she thinks of something, she says it out loud without batting an eyelid, to whomsoever it may concern. Thanks to her humour, being around her always comes with comic relief.

On a usual day in office, the moment she comes back onscreen, we’re excited to see her again. Nothing can keep Donna’s biting sarcasm at bay. Oh and she can crush egos like bubble wrap. No one escapes the wrath of her epic eye roll, which happens 1000 times a day. Her one-liners are hilariously unforgettable, and totally quote-worthy.


A networking genius and social butterfly

One of Donna’s many qualities is her talent for networking. A perfect combination of charm and intelligence, she can hold a conversation with literally anyone. Nothing escapes Donna. She knows how to fish for secrets, stay ahead of the gossip and get to the bottom of every matter.

She’s got her way around the social circle and her rapport with influential figures gets her the information she needs. Even when out for official meetings, she does the talking in such a foolproof style that the conversation inevitably turns in her favour, a trait that proves very helpful for her in the long run.


All in all, Donna is the bomb diggity. She’s the perfect blend of all the winning qualities people seek. And just because she looks so tough doesn’t mean that she can’t be a softie. She always was (understandably) weak for Harvey Specter but obviously wouldn’t let it show for the longest time. That’s quite a quite a commendable task. Donna is strong and tender, kind and unsparing, practical and emotional. She’s got it all. Which is why Donna rocks. She’s someone who might be a reel character but can provide very real inspiration.

And she does, in every damn episode.