Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers from episode 6, season 8 of Game of Thrones.

The series finale of Game of Thrones was anything but expected. It may not have been exactly what the fans were hoping for, but it delivered in terms of shock value, emotional tugs, and a conclusive end. 


However, the one moment that united all the fans and had everyone struggling to hold in tears is when Drogon tries to raise a dead Daenerys. 


Right after the last time that Jon tries to convince Daenerys to chose mercy, and let go of her vision of a ‘good world’, he stabs her to death. Because he realizes her dream has made her the very tyrant she swore to uproot.


As Daenerys lies bleeding on the ground, Drogon rushes in, grieving and nudges her body to wake. Only to realize that she won’t. 

His anger is just as fierce as his grief. He literally melts the Iron Throne to the ground, and with a last broken sound of anguish, lifts Daenerys’ body and flies off. 


But it’s not his anger, his strength, or his cries that truly leave you sobbing. It’s watching him try to wake Dany up. Because he can’t believe she’s gone. 

Since the start, Drogon has been the one Daenerys always rode. He was the one she couldn’t tie up when the dragons had to be controlled. 

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He was the one who came to rescue her in the middle of a fighting pit.


He was the one who fixed Jon with a protective stare when he came too close to Daenerys. 


In fact, even when she lost Ser Jorah, Drogon was the one who comforted her before anyone else could. 


And he was the one who stood by her, as she fought all her battles, whether it was fighting the Night King’s Army or burning King’s Landing to the ground.


So, yes, watching him try to revive his mother was just as heartbreaking as Ghost being left without a single glance. At least the latter finally got the hug he deserved.

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