Without a doubt, kids from the ’90s had a blessed childhood. We pride ourselves for watching the best television in that decade and thanks to cable television, we watched the best cartoons too.

Those were the days of TaleSpin, The Jungle BookChip n’ Dale and most importantly, those were the days of DuckTales.


Watching the adventures of Uncle Scrooge and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie became our daily ritual. The town of Duckburg was their paradise with Scrooge McDuck being the richest duck and who can ever forget his tehkhana with all the gold coins. 

It was a dream to take a dive in that sea of gold!


We often wondered how Launchpad was even allowed to fly because he crash-landed every single time! And their butler, Duckworth, provided the calm in the otherwise crazy roller-coaster that was this show.


And now, many years later, DuckTales is all set to return in 2017. 

Disney has released a teaser of the reboot and we can’t wait for this amazing show to come back.


Watch the teaser trailer here:


Source: ZGR Record CN

We know you want to sing along to the theme song we grew up on, “Zindagi toofani hai, jahan hai, Duckburg”. So, here it is:

Source: harsh240690

2017 is starting to look good already!