You deserve better. It’s not you, it’s me. We need to take a break. I’m not the right person for you. If you thought these were the worst breakup lines, you’re wrong. While ending a relationship is never easy but one can always try to ease things. This Reddit thread mentions some of the dumbest reasons people have broken up with their partners, and in many cases, most of them are absurd.

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1.” He broke up with me when he “realised” I wasn’t a virgin. I was 22. He was 26. Bro seriously thought he was the first and full on threw a strop when I mentioned an ex and he was like “wait… you’ve had sex… before me?!?!?!” No loss there.”


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2. “My ex’s father told him he should “aim higher” and date women who looked like supermodels. He literally told me that was the reason for breaking up with me.”


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3. “We never got past the talking phase, so not a “breakup” per se. But months later, long after I’d stopped even thinking about him, I got a text from him late at night apologizing and saying the reason he stopped pursuing me was that I apparently look exactly like his cousin.”


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4. “I wasn’t healing in therapy fast enough. Also, I like cutesy feminine things and that makes me childish. And with all my trauma, liking pink and feminine things makes him feel like he’s dating a child. But he can like anime, Pokémon, and playing games from his childhood like Super Mario. Those are fine and normal hobbies. Liking Sailor Moon and hello kitty isn’t.”


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5. “Not exactly what you were asking, but… He cheated on me because my libido is too high. Yes, you read that right. Mine. As in, We were having so much sex so I had to have more sex because I needed a break from all the sex we were having.


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6. “Because when I invited him over for dinner we were talking after eating, and I sat on the couch instead of right next to him on the loveseat. This was our second date.”


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7. “He broke up with me, his girlfriend of 4 years, because his female best friend confessed to having feelings for him. He didn’t reciprocate those feelings but didn’t want to hurt her, so he chose to hurt me instead.“


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8. “I wasn’t constantly readily available because I was saving money for us to move by working overtime. He broke up with me as punishment for working too much and meeting this goal and also left me without a place to live all at the same time.”


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9. “She didn’t like how I ate. Not with table manners or that sort of thing, but in the sense that I physically cannot eat big meals three times a day; my stomach cannot handle it and I throw it all up after 15-30 minutes. Instead, I eat small portions/healthy snacks throughout the day to sustain myself (following a rather strict dietary plan to keep me healthy) and she couldn’t handle that for one reason or another and broke up with me.”


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10. “Here’s the dumbest reason I’ve been broken up with. The guy at the time, traded me in for my best friend, stating that she had bigger boobs than I did. Now, he is single, and she has moved on like 5 times over.” 


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11. “He had a dream that a dinosaur came out of the ground and ate him. He said the dinosaur was obviously a metaphor for our relationship.”


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12. “Shortly after we started dating I found out I had cancer. He stayed with me through surgery and treatment. We had a very fulfilling relationship for the next 5-ish years.
Ultimately he broke up with me because he just couldn’t get the thought out of his head that I might get cancer again and he wasn’t willing to deal with it.”


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13. “I was too tall. Though to be fair, on the first date, I was already wondering how we’d take wedding pictures if we ever got married. Lol. He was 5’5” or 5’6” and I’m 6”. He just beat me to the breakup.”


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14. “Apparently after we had had a great 5-year relationship he realized that his ideal woman had brunette hair and big boobs. She would also drink beer and play baseball. None of those attributes describes me — it took him five years to recognize this!”


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15. “Not mine, but a friend was broken up with because the guy didn’t like that she had ~tempted him away from God (they were having sex).”


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16. “Let me tell y’all about my college ex. First, he ghosted me and gave me no explanation. Then he said it was because I was “too nice”. About a year later we started talking again and he told me that the “real” reason he broke up with me was that he had contracted chlamydia in the past and even though he had it taken care of, he was afraid of giving it to me?? Idk it made no sense. More time passes and we start talking and hanging out again. Now he says he lied about the STD reason and he actually broke up with me because his feelings were too strong and it scared him. LMAO. I never got back together with him or anything so don’t worry. He sure had some audacity though.”


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17. “He likes to break up with a woman so they know how he felt when his first girlfriend broke up with him… just after he asked me to move in luckily my friends were happy for me to move back in.”


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18. “He broke up with me because apparently he could not love me like he loves tigers (yes yes the animal).”


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