There are going to be some massive spoilers ahead. Do not scroll down if you haven’t seen the movie. 

In the 182-minute runtime of Avengers: Endgame, the filmmakers take us down memory lane more than a few times. We get to see pre-Hela Asgard and the Battle of New York among other things. 

What they have also done is pack the film with easter eggs. So we collected all of them for you!

1. When Tony Stark sends a message to Pepper from space, he asks her not to put it on social media. 

This is a callback to the first Iron Man movie when Tony takes a selfie with a soldier and tells him that he better not see it on his MySpace page. 

2. Tony Stark gets recused and returns to Earth on the 22nd day. Endgame is the 22nd movie of the MCU

After spending 21 days in space, both Tony and Nebula are rescued by Captain Marvel on the 22nd day. Avengers: Endgame is the 22nd movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

3. Tony wears a black Tank top in Quill’s ship just like when he was making Mark I. 

Tony Stark works on something with Nebula in the Guardians’ spaceship wearing a black tank top. 


In the first Iron Man movie, he was seen wearing a similar tank top when he was working on the Mark I. 


4. Tony’s message to Pepper – ‘It’s always you’ is a throwback to Iron Man 2 when he makes Pepper the CEO of Stark Industries. 

In Iron Man 2, Tony tells Pepper that she was always the one when he names her the CEO of Stark Industries. 


5. Tony and Captain argue about a suit of armour around the world like they did in Age of Ultron.

In Age of Ultron, Tony tells the rest of the Avengers that he wants to put a suit of armour around the world to protect it from invasions and argues with Steve Rogers about it. 


On returning from space, Tony tells Captain that it was his fault and he should have put that armour around Earth to protect it from the likes of Thanos. 


7. Nebula talks about Thanos never lying. 

In Infinity War, Thanos tells Gamora that she never learnt how to lie because he never taught her to. 

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In Endgame, when the Avengers confront Thanos and ask him about the stones, he tells them that they were destroyed. They think he’s lying but Nebula tells them that her father is many things but not a liar. 


8. Thor finally goes for the head.

Thor could have finished Thanos and stopped the snap only if he had gone for the head as the Mad Titan had later suggested. 

Well, in this film, Thor beheads him and when Rocket asks him about what he had done, Thor tells him that he went for the head. 

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9. Joe Russo plays the first openly gay character in the MCU. 

After 5 years of the snap, Captain America sits with a group of people talking about coping with the loss and moving on with their lives. 

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Joe Russo is one of the people sitting in that group and talks about going on a date with a guy he likes, making him the first openly gay character in the MCU. 

10. One of the men in the meeting is Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos. 

One of the other people sitting in that group is Jim Starlin, one of the co-creators who brought Thanos to life in the comics. 


11. In the film, a mouse sits on the quantum tunnel, bringing Scott back to the real world. This is a callback to Mickey Mouse. 

The mouse basically kickstarts the reversing of the snap that brought Ant-Man out of the Quantum Realm. 


Walt Disney had once very famously asked people to never forget that all of this started with just a mouse!


12. The guard is reading a novel by J.G Ballard, who was famous for writing post-apocalyptic fiction.

The guard who finds and helps Ant-Ma is played by Ken Jeong, who is reading a novel by J.G Ballard, famous for post-apocalyptic novels, which is sort of the real situation in the MCU at that point.


13. Tony has built Pepper a farm, just like he had told Steve in Age of Ultron

At the end of Age of Ultron, Tony tells Steve what he really wants – to have a simple life, build a farm and stay with his family. 

After returning from space in Endgame, Tony Stark does exactly that and starts a family of his own. 

14. His daughter Morgan was named after a dream he had just before Infinity War


15. Tony tells Scott not to risk their future by basing the time travel on Back to the Future but Endgame does exactly that.

They sneak around their past selves and give away the secret of time travel to the villain and in both movies, the villain disappears. 

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16. Not only is Korg played by Taika Watiti, he’s also dressed like the writer-director. 

Taika Watiti brought Korg to life in Ragnarok and has become a fan favourite ever since. 

However, in Endgame, the filmmakers took one more step and made the Stoneman even dress like Watiti in a scene with Thor and Banner. 

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17. Before the time heist, the Avengers put their hands together in a circle. This is similar to the cover of the New Avengers, where the Marvel Illuminati agreed to use the Infinity Stones to reassemble the Infinity Gauntlet. 


In the New Avengers comics, one of covers is that of the Marvel Illuminati standing in a circle planning to use the stones to restore the Infinity Gauntlet. 


18. Hawkeye tells Black Widow that this is a long way from Budapest. 

In The Avengers, Black Widow talks about how it was just like Budapest and we all have been dying ever since to know what she was talking about. 


In this film, when Barton and Romanoff fly off to Vormir on a spaceship, Barton tells her that this was far from Budapest. 


19. Captain America finally says ‘Hail Hydra’. 

This is also a callback to the famous elevator fight scene in Winter Soldier

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But instead of beating the shit out of them again, Captain just whispers ‘Hail Hydra’ in Jasper Sitwell’s ears, which is a nod to a very infamous comic strip stating that Rogers had been a Hydra agent all along. 


20. Loki turns into Captain America, just like he did in Thor: The Dark World.

Loki steals the show for the brief period he is on the screen when he turns into Captain America to piss Thor off, much like the time he did when they were escaping Asgard in The Dark World

21. Cap’s shirt at the SHIELD base has the name Roscoe on it. Roscoe Simons was briefly Captain America when Rogers became Nomad. 

When Cap and Tony disguise themselves and walk to the SHIELD base camp, Cap has the name Roscoe on his shirt, which is a callback to Roscoe Simons who takes on the mantle of Captain America when the former becomes Nomad. 

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22. When Howard Stark leaves the screen, he’s driven by Jarvis from the Agent Carter TV series. The AI Jarvis is named after this character who was Tony’s childhood butler. 

When Howard Stark leaves Tony, he is driven by a man called Jarvis. 

Jarvis is actually a character from Agent Carter, who was also Tony’s butler from when he was a child. 

23. When they talk about who should use the Gauntlet, Thor says he’s the strongest Avenger, a callback to Ragnarok

When they assemble the stones and get the Gauntlet, Thor wants to undo the snap because he believes himself to be the strongest Avenger. 

Much like the time in Ragnarok, when he tried to start the Quinjet!

24. When Thanos attacks the Avengers compound, Hulk holds up the rubble with everyone pinned underneath. This is a reference to Secret Wars No. 4. 

When Thanos’ attack destroys the Avengers base, Hulk holds it up with everyone trapped inside. This is a reference to the cover page of Secret Wars No 4, where the green rage monster does the exact same thing. 

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25. Thanos tells the big 3 that now he wants to wipe out all of reality and start again. This is very much like the Thanos from the comics who is just a nihilist. 

Thanos in the comics is much different than that in the movies. In the comics, he is just a nihilist who wants to murder the world. 


In Infinity War, he wiped out half the population but Endgame saw him getting challenged by those who survived. So in the film, he wants to strip the world to the very first atom, which brings him much closer to the Mad Titan moniker from the comics. 

26. Thanos tries to push Stormbreaker into Thor’s chest, much like Thor did to him during Infinity War. 

At the end of Infinity War, Thor hits Thanos in the chest with Stormbreaker and then tries to push it in to kill the madman. 

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In Endgame, Thanos does the same before he is stopped by Captain America. 

27. Captain America wields Mjolnir just like he did in the comics. 

In order to save Thor, Captain America lifts Mjolnir, making him only the 5th creature in MCU to have achieved the feat. Odin, Thor, Vision and Hela being the other four. 


We had been waiting for this for a very long time. Especially since he almost picked it up in Age of Ultron.


28. Thanos breaking Captain America’s shield is taken from the Infinity Gauntlet comic book and is also a reference to the dream Wanda made Tony see in Age of Ultron

In Tony’s vision from Age of Ultron, he sees a dying Captain America with a broken shield. 


This comes true when Thanos uses his sword to pound on Rogers, who uses the shield to protect himself but even that shatters!

29. Sam Wilson says ‘On your left’, which is a callback to the Winter Soldier

When Cap is left alone standing against Thanos and his army, he receives a message from Sam that tells him ‘On your left’. This is a throwback to Winter Soldier, where Cap says it everytime he passes Sam in a run. 

30. Steve Rogers finally says ‘Avengers Assemble’.

We have been wanting him to say this for years now. We came very close to it when the credits rolled at the end of Age of Ultron

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But this time, after Dr Strange brings out an army to stand behind Captain against Thanos, Rogers finally asks the Avengers to assemble. 

31. Pepper Potts shows up with an Iron-Man suit, which is actually her comic book alter-ego, ‘Rescue’. 

Pepper Potts finally dons her comic book-accurate suit in Endgame. She joins the fight in her ‘Rescue’ suit and battles alongside Tony. 


32. Ant-Man punches a Chittauri Leviathan, much like Hulk did in The Avengers. 

Ant-Man, who is Giant Man for the better part of the final battle lands a solid right to the Chittauri leviathan, much like what Hulk did in the first Avengers film. 


33. Hope says ‘We are on it, Cap’ after mocking Scott in Ant-Man and the Wasp for calling Steve Rogers by the same name. 

After making fun of Scott for calling Captain America, ‘Cap’, Hope does it herself when Rogers asks them to fix the time machine. 

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34. Spider-Man finally activates his instant kill setting on his suit. 

Peter Parker wanted Karen to stop with the ‘Instant Kill Mode’ in Homecoming, but in Endgame, when he gets hounded by aliens, it seemed like a good option. 


35. Captain America calls Peter Parker ‘Queens’, a callback to Civil War. 

During the airport fight sequence in Civil War, Captain asks Peter where he is from and Peter tells him that he’s from Queens. 


Now Cap still doesn’t know Peter’s real name. So when he has to communicate with him in Endgame, he just calls him Queens. 

36. I am Iron Man. 

Tony Stark ends the fight with the words that kick-started the Infinity Saga. 


Thanos tries to snap his fingers and calls himself inevitable. But Tony steals the stones and tells him that he’s Iron Man. 

37. By sacrificing his own life, Tony finally proves Steve wrong. And Steve lifts Mjolnir proving that not everything special about him came out of a bottle. 

When they meet for the first time in The Avengers, Tony and Steve do not get along. Steve tells Tony that he would never sacrifice himself for the greater good.

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Tony, meanwhile tells Steve that everything special about him came out of a bottle. 


Both prove each other wrong. Tony makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe and Captain becomes worthy of lifting Mjolnir!

38. Proof that Tony Stark has a heart. 

During Tony’s funeral, we see Pepper letting the first arc reactor that Tony used to save himself, go into the water. 


It’s the same one Pepper had helped remove from his chest and kept it as a memory of Tony Stark having a heart!

39. Harley Keener from Iron Man 3 is also present at Tony Stark’s funeral. 

Remember that smart annoying kid from Iron Man 3, who always said the wrong things and gave Tony anxiety attacks? 


To be fair, he also helped Tony and at the end of the film, we saw Tony giving him a bunch of gadgets. 


Well, he was one of the people present during Tony’s funeral along with literally everyone from the MCU. 

40. Thor calls the Guardians, Asgardians of the Galaxy which is the name of an actual comic. 

Thor calls the Guardians the Asgardians of the Galaxy, which may just seem like shit Thor would say but it is actually the name of an actual comic strip.

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41. Steve tells Bucky to nothing stupid before he comes back. This is a reference to Captain America: The First Avenger

At the end of Endgame, when Steve goes to the past to give all the time stones back, he tells Bucky to not do anything stupid till he gets back. 

This is a direct reference to Captain America: The First Avenger, where Bucky tells pre-steroid Steve the exact same thing and gets the exact same reply. 

42. I can do this all day. 

When Captain goes back to New York in 2012 during the Battle of New York to steal the space stone, he fights with his younger self, who tells him that he could do this all day. 


Cap then tells him that he knows!

43. Asgardians call Rocket a rabbit. 

After Rocket steals the Ether from Jane Foster, the Asgardian soldiers in the palace tell each other to catch the rabbit. 


We all know that Thor calls Rocket a ‘sweet rabbit’. So do rabbits on Asgard look like racoons? 

The movie is full of these little gifts. So if you watch it closely, you can maybe find them all.