Bollywood loves its stars. Wait, that seems confusing. Let me clarify. Bollywood loves some foreign celebrities. Every time one of them visits India, parties are thrown in their honour and the next day, poor suckers like us have to sit through hours and hours of footage of Ed Sheeran communicating via morse code asking people to save him. 

1. Ed Sheeran

We have all seen the photos from this party, haven’t we? Poor Ed Sheeran looked like a lost babe in a crowd of people he couldn’t say not to but the suckers wouldn’t just get the hint. You all remember this, right? Look at the poor lad’s face. 


2. Pharell Williams

I will just let you at this video and then some photos of a very expressive Williams. 

Oh, the poor man!

His soul had left this body. 

3. Kylie Jenner

Diljit has made a habit of doing this on pictures of foreign celebrities, particularly women. Harmless or not, it is cringey and borderline harassment. Even when he’s probably trying to hit on her. He basiclly says he doesn’t know if god made Kylie or it was the doctors, but she was perfect. 


4. Adam Gilchirst

Getting foreign celebs to speak in India is a staple of Indian TV shows or award shows. It’s something we still do today. I mean, just look at this really really cringey stuff from Shah Rukh Khan during the early years of the IPL. 

5. Ivanka Trump

Diljit was at it again. While most of it seen as light-hearted humour, it is simply online stalking and deeply problematic. This is not to say that Diljit will go nuts and take the next step but it could potentially encourage his fans to do so. 


6. Chris Gayle

Honestly, this could have been any foreign celebrity that has ever appeared on Kapil Sharma’s show. Jesus, my eyes hurt from enduring this and I have realised I don’t get paid nearly enough to be watching hours of this for work. *PAIN*

7. Robert Di Nero

Look, we get that Ranbir is a huge fan of the actor. But don’t kiss his f***ing knee, man. You are making it weird. I mean, look at Di Nero. I seriously hope, nobody called him Bob on the trip here. Also a wild Anupam Kher there, waiting to say something bigoted, probably. 


8. Vin Diesel

Deepika Padukone gets Vin Diesel to dance to Lungi Dance. Yeah, that happened. I mean, it was Vin Diesel, so that amount of cringe just pretty much remained the same. Fortunately, Diesel did put on a lungi and danced but again, can we please stop doing this to these poor sobs who have no idea what they have walked into

You know next time some big star visits the country, maybe just don’t try to get them to talk in Hindi. It’s literally the cringiest of all cringe that has ever cringed with impunity.