Priyanka Chopra is a global icon today, and her movies, business ventures, and fashion choices leave us in awe. Add to that her latest title of a producer, and it’ll be hard to not be envious of, and inspired by, her career graph. 


But, in an interview with comedy group EIC, Priyanka’s candidness was a pleasant surprise. 

It had us laughing at her jokes, and loving her unfiltered, honest version, especially at moments like these: 

When she talked about how, among the million and one things that she already has on her plate, she’s also writing a memoir. 

When she talked about how her mother responded to her complaints about too much work. 

*Is there a training center where mothers learn these trademark dialogues from? Asking for a friend.*

When she talked about the most ‘middle-class’ thing about her – her fondness for achaar (pickle) and her discounts. 

When she shared that even she hates paying for apps. 

When she talked about her love for the cinema of the 90s. 

*90s kids FTW!*. 

When she took a dig at her accent and left EIC (and us) rolling on the floor, literally. 

When she proved she knows what achievements truly count in the ‘meme-llennial’ generation. 

H/T: EIC vs Bollywood ft. Priyanka Chopra 

You can watch the complete interview here: 

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