Remember that episode of The Big Bang Theory where Howard Wolowitz meets Elon Musk at a shelter. Remember we all thinking about just how philanthropic Musk was? Yeah, well, that made me think maybe Musk and Wolowitz aren’t that different. And as it turns out, they aren’t. 

1. They are both insufferable momma’s bois. 

Wolowitz lived with his mom pretty much till she passed away. I mean, she washed his underwear and even when he got married, he ended up being with a woman who was the exact carbon copy of his mother. 


Well, Elon Musk did inherit a substantial amount of money from emerald mines in apartheid South Africa, which were owned and operated by his parents and he still takes time out to take her to the Met Gala, which would be sweet if it weren’t literally an award show for the most ridiculously dressed millionaire. 


2. They are both very very creepy. 

Howard Wolowitz tried to use his gadgets to sneak a peak into women’s clothes, tried to spy on models and made extremely creepy advances at women at every turn imaginable. 

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In an Oct. 29 tweet, Musk proposed opening a school called the Texas Institute of Technology and Science. “it will have epic merch, universally admired,” he added. When someone suggested swapping technology and science so the latter came first, Musk insisted “Nope, T is def first.” Why, you ask? Because then the acronym would no longer be TITS. That’s a 50-year-old man. 


3. Both of them fit into the description of a man-child. 

As I mentioned before, Wolowitz had his undies cleaned by his mother until he was in his 30s. He was a big baby. Musk is no different. And while, as educated as I am, I cannot possibly comprehend the state of his underwear, Musk does get ticked off every time something doesn’t go his way. Like the time he bought Twitter so no one would share pictures of his real hairline. 

Or when Alexandria Ocasio Cortez called him out and he had the comeback of a 15-year-old boy ready to go. 

4. They both claim to have important jobs but seem to waste a lot of time doing random crap.

Wolowitz is technically a scientist, but he once used the Mars Mission rover to score with a woman. He wasn’t successful at either. 

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Elon Musk too claims to be a scientist. He probably is, I didn’t Google that part. But he spends an awful lot of time planning random crap he will never do. Like the time he wanted to make tiny submarines for kids stuck in that cave in Thailand? Yeah! 


5. They say and do a lot of dumb things for ‘smart’ people. 

Wolowitz once made a robot and had his penis stuck while getting a handjob from the robot. 


Elon Musk isn’t that desperate. So he just goes around trying to be an edgelord who is also grossly transphobic and makes random comments when asked to pay his fair share of taxes. Or the time, he told everyone that the coronavirus panic was dumb. 


6. They are both obessed with going to space. 

I suppose the one great thing Howard Wolowitz did was that he managed to go to space twice. 


And while Musk is as obsessed with space as Wolowitz, he hasn’t actually managed to do much, except tell his PR team tell us just how much fun it would be to colonise Mars. 

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7. They are both responsible for making gadgets that fail spectacularly. 

Did I mention the one where Wolowitz gets his penis stuck in a robot? So there’s that. But to Wolowitz’s credit, he does invent a lot of stuff. 


Musk, too takes credit for inventing a lot of stuff, except when he loses control of them and they run over people walking on the streets. 


While both men are not the most liked, Wolowitz did actually go to space!