Elon Musk might have achieved several feats throughout his career, however, it is essential to step away from worshipping him like a hero and examine his actions. It is now high time to assess the man behind the massive headlines and discuss the reality. 

In the list below, we have mentioned some compelling reasons why people should stop treating this business magnate like a hero. Read on.

1. He’s a man-child.

From changing its name and charging $8 per month for blue ticks to changing the iconic blue bird to the viral doge, the man has made a joke of his micro-blogging website, Twitter. Recently, the man shared a private picture of his ex, Amber Heard, dressed as a video game character. I mean how childish and ridiculous a man can get?

2. He has made some very insensitive statements.

The man, on several occasions, has said some heartless things. In 2020, he called the people ‘dumb’ to worry about the deadly coronavirus. In 2022, when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he came up with a bizarre list of suggestions to solve the war, through an insensitive poll on Twitter.

3. He’s sexist and homophobic.

Needless to mention, he also has a terrible sense of humor. In 2021, he proposed opening a school called the Texas Institute Of Technology & Science. To this, a person suggested swapping the words ‘technology’ and ‘science’. The magnate declined and said that he wanted the name to begin with the letter T – that’s because the school’s name makes the acronym TITS. He has also made some homophobic statements over time and made fun of people for writing pronouns in their social media bios.

4. He has no respect for his own employees.

It’s 2023 and the man is still promoting the toxic hustle culture. Last year, in 2022, his employees received an ultimatum from him at two in the morning which stated that their work lives would look very different now. His email said that the employees can either commit to the new ‘hardcore culture’ or leave with three months’ notice. In another instance, he laid off the janitors from his office and made the employees bring their own toilet paper. He also fired an engineer over his low reach on Twitter.

It’s high time that we stop hailing a man-child like him as a hero!