Elon Musk is always in the news, be it calling rescuers, pedophiles or hanging out with accused pedophiles himself. His Twitter account is a gold mine of shitposting, powered by his superior intellect and sense of humour. Unlike his dad’s alleged emerald mines of course, which were powered by apartheid. 


Anyhow, now that we have established how much I care for Musk, allow me to reveal to you 16 reasons why. There are many more which I can’t mention here due to legal boundaries. So dumb tweets, it is. 

1. This aged well. 

2. Says the dude who hung out with Ghislaine Maxwell. 

3. That time he supported Kanye West running for President of the United States. 

4. Here’s Musk using his scientific prowess to downplay COVID-19. 

5. Wow, this could just be about tweets that haven’t aged well at all. 

6. Of course, you did, boi!

7. And then there was a series of transphobic tweets about pronouns being difficult to read by a man who named his kid C3PO. 

8. And then some more. 

9.  Elon Musk wipes $14 billion off Tesla’s value with one tweet

10. In case you are wondering what’s wrong with the next tweet, well, it abbreviates to TITS. Because women in STEM have fewer problems to deal with 

He followed it up with this. 

11. He made an NSFW joke at a US Senator for suggesting that the billionaires should pay fair taxes. 

He made another vile joke at Bernie Sanders today for suggesting the same thing. There’s something about billionaires not wanting to pay taxes, just can’t put my finger on it.

12. Boy, Musk really wanted those poor workers to come back to work, no matter if they died, didn’t he? Man hates COVID-19 for very different reasons than the rest of us. 

13. Yeah, we know how billionaires make money, we don’t care. STFU and pay your taxes. 

14. And he likes to smoke weed. The problem is he thinks it makes him unique. 

15. Of course, he thought kids were immune. You can’t make all that F*** You money without child labour. 

16. And that time he photoshopped his own face on The Rock, which was funny, to be honest. 

Elon Musk is the perfect example that no matter how much money you make, if you are a man-child engineer, you will always be a man child engineer.