If you’re looking for TV show recommendations, then you’ve arrived at the right place. 

Here are some shows that you should be watching right about now which were the main attraction of the 2018 Emmy Awards.

1. Atlanta

This critically-acclaimed masterpiece, written and directed by Donald Grover is a must-watch. It revolves around the life of a young man trying to make his mark in the rap-scene of Atlanta, Georgia. Donald Glover was nominated for best lead actor in a comedy series. The show was also nominated for Best Direction and Writing.

2. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

This show takes you on a journey of a woman who makes her mark in a man’s world of stand-up comedy. The show is set-up in the late 50s in the city of New York. This show was a star at the Emmy’s and bagged the Best Comedy Series, Best Lead Actress, Best Writing and Best Direction Awards.

3. Silicon valley

This series follows the life of five young men who manage to launch a start-up at Silicon Valley. The show’s intelligent humour and punch lines will leave you wanting for more. It traces just how many things can fuck up while building a start-up. It was nominated for the Best Comedy Series, Best Direction and Best Writing.


GLOW is a wrestling comedy set in the 80s. This empowering show revolves around female wrestlers and it’s as addictive as they get. It was nominated for the Best Comedy Show and Best Direction.

5. Black-ish

This show about a dysfunctional black family will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. Great show to watch with the folks. Tracee Ellis Ross was nominated for Best Lead Actress in a comic role.

6. Barry

If you like dark comedy, ‘Barry’ should be on your watch list. With a weird and unusual plot line, this show revolves around a low-rent hitman who ends up becoming a part of a the LA theatre scene. Bill Hader won the Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series for this.

7. The Americans

This show will leave you biting your nails because of how intense it is. Set during the Cold War, it is about two Russian spies who are living in Washington as a married couple. Mathew Rhys won the Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role.

8. Godless

Ever wondered what it feels like to live in a town inhabited by just women? This mini-series gives you exactly that, with the story set in 1880 in Western America. The show had several nominations at the Emmy’s including Best Direction, Best Writing and Best Lead Actress in a Mini-Series.

9. Ozark

Drugs, money-laundering, family drama, the mafia etc, this show has it all. With an unpredictable plot line, this show will leave you hanging by a thread with every episode. Jason Bateman was nominated for Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Marty Byrde. It was also nominated for Best Direction.

10. Queer Eye

This is not makeover show but a make-better show. Five fabulous gay men go on a journey to give makeovers to people all over the country. It won the Best Structured Reality Program award at the Emmy’s.

Thank us later.