If you’ve endured the ordeal and the complete ecstasy that is engineering you’ll know all of these points are true.

1) The sex ratio in your college is worse than what it is in Haryana.

Ha bloody ha. You’ll know what it’s like when you get there.

2) You have more exams than the number of days in a year.

One day, you realize that all you really do is give exams.

3) The word ‘back’ gets a different meaning.

Failing an exam becomes getting a back or a “suppli.”

4) And just when you thought you knew what it really means, you find out that the word ‘back’ actually means something else.

Not getting a back is important, but what’s more important is having a “back.” The word now means a random group of 20-30 dudes ready to beat someone up for you.

5) You earn important social skills such as lobbying with lab assistants, begging teachers for marks and treating seniors with respect.

The important part is that the moment that you’re done with them, all you do is hurl abuse and make fun of them.

6) You become a superhero, but like you, your superpower is lame; you have the power of bull-shitting.

7) Mechanical Engineering buildings do not have a ladies toilet.

8) Every student in the core branches (ECE/EE/Mech.) has the same project bought from the same shop, and nobody knows how it actually works.

9) Viva’s are like the court-room scene in Damini.

You know you know nothing, the teachers know you know nothing, but you still manage to bluff him/her into believing that you’ve done a thesis on the subject. The teacher be all like:

10) If you’re a guy, you have at least received two funny death threats for talking to a girl.

11) And if you’re a girl, you’ve at least been stalked 5 times or more.

12) You come in hating alcohol, and you go out loving it.

Old Monk, FTW.

13) If you live in a guy’s hostel, you’re high almost all the time and the only music that plays in the hostel is Pink Floyd.

14) If you live in a girl’s hostel, almost every night comprises of dressing up, clicking photos and uploading them on social networking websites.

15) Your attendance decreases exponentially every year, hitting single digit numbers by the last year.

16) You can barely manage to read a complete newspaper in a day, but on the night before an exam, you can finish a 500 page book in 2 hours.

17) There’s always this one person who’s teaching everyone the most important topic outside the exam room, and that topic almost always comes in the exam.

And when the results are out, you go and show your gratitude to this person like this:

18) Exams are a group activity.

United we stand, divided we fall.

19) You master the art of making chits and writing important formulas on your hand, arm, thighs, buttocks, etc.

20) And lastly, over four years, you think your college is the devil but in the end, you end up loving it.