English Vinglish is one of the finest Bollywood films of the decade. It had released in 2012, and 9 years later, the film is still relevant, heartwarming and frankly, incredibly inspirational. And Sridevi as Shashi Godbole was an integral reason the film garnered so much love! 


In the film, we see Shashi rediscover herself after years of being disregarded by her husband and children. Especially for her lack of fluency in English. This was a story about how she goes on to learn the language in order to equip herself better in the ways of the world.

And one of the most important moments from the film is the brave and equally sensitive and endearing speech Shashi delivers at the end. 


Her speech wasn’t just wise marriage advice, but a subtle lesson for women everywhere. A lesson on how to be an independent individual, and on how to give yourself grace when you feel like you’re not good enough. Or rather, when the people around you end up inadvertently making you feel like you’re not good enough. 
Shashi starts her speech by mentioning that marriage should be based on the foundation of respect and equality. What a way to start a speech right? She won our hearts over in the first 3 seconds with that.

She goes on to say what I think is one of the most beautiful parts of her monologue. Shashi says that sometimes couples drift apart, communication gaps develop, insecurities heighten and that it can be difficult to support your partner through a time like that. 

But that’s exactly when it becomes imperative that you continue to show up for yourself! Those are the moments you decide to work on yourself to become a better version of yourself; for your sake as well as your partner’s. 

Also, it’s pretty darn hard to forget Shashi’s closing lines. They’re sad yet, absolute eye openers. Shashi defines family in her last few lines. 

She describes family as the safest kind of people to be around, they’re the people who’ll never trivialize your concerns or judge you. What makes it all a little heartbreaking though, is how her family judged her and made her feel inferior for not being well-versed in English. 

But ultimately, it led to them becoming aware of their insensitivity. And it makes the audience understand what being and having family truly means!

Clearly, she gets her point across in the most loving way possible! 

You can watch the whole speech here. 

I’m not crying, you are!