No Bollywood movie is complete without a song  and dance routine. While this results in excruciatingly long running times, the pressure to come up with novel songs and dance sequences for every movie results in a plethora of awesome tracks and dance moves that the whole nation tries, copies and fails at with gusto. Here are just a few of the legends.

1. The “Hey! What’s That Down There?”

2. The Dhobi Dance

3. The Horny Baraati

4. The Epileptic Seizure

5. Grinding While Having An Epileptic Seizure

6. Munni’s Badnami

7. The Shirtless Caveman

8. The Belt Molestor

9. The Water Sprinkler

10. The Hot Stepper

11. The Earthquake

12. The Epic Pelvic Thrust

13. The “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

14. The Box Mover

15. Pelvic Thrust 9000

16. The Baby Doll