There is possibly nothing one can’t do if they put their minds to it. And some people put their minds to beautiful genius things that end up looking so easy. 

Which brings us to Eshna Kutty, a 24-year-old hoop dancer and flow artiste who mixes fitness and performance as a form of movement therapy. 

But that’s not all that she has combined. In her recent video which is going viral, Eshna has mixed our desi culture with sports, showcasing her amazing hoop skills – all while wearing a saree! 

And here, I struggle to pin the pleats together. 

She danced on Rekha Bhardwaj’s Genda Phool from the movie Delhi-6 and this might just be the catchiest, grooviest dance version of this song.

But Eshna is not just showcasing her brilliant hoop dancing skills with a saree just for fun, she’s got a method to the movement. She’s trying to make #sareeflow popular through this initiative to show that one can be comfortable even while wearing a saree and not feel constricted. 

In a candid conversation with ScoopWhoop, Eshna tells us: 

This video was about me trying to make sarees more approachable for those who think it’s not comfortable enough to move freely in. It’s also about me wearing my mum’s 25-year-old Tamilian saree. After the video began being circulated she was like, why didn’t you wear a better saree?        

But, dancing in a saree – no, hoop-dancing in a saree – was it an easy task? 

The only challenge was that of the pallu coming in the way, my movement was very different from my usual videos because I usually wear fitted stuff. In the very beginning of the video itself, my shoe nicely stepped in front of the saree. So, now that you mention it, it was a little bit of a challenge. 

People on Twitter lauded Eshna and her edgy hoop dance routine.    

Eshna is one of the few Indian hoopers known for her beauty and grace in movement. And her ‘Saree Flow’ movement definitely makes me want to give it a go. Not promising I won’t trip and fall. 

You can check out more of her videos out here.