It goes without saying, this article contains massive spoilers.

The penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones promised a whole of the bloodshed, what with its backdrop being the 'Last War'.

There was blood, there were betrayals, there was dragon fire and explosions and unsurprisingly, a whole lot of people died. Here's a complete list.

1. Varys

Varys was the first to go, because of his betrayal of Queen Daenerys. He was killed by dragon fire, although maybe not before sending out letters of Jon Snow's true heritage. Who did he send those letters to? That's what the last episode is for.

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2. Euron Greyjoy

Let's be honest, this fucker had it coming since day 1. His fleet destroyed by Dany, Euron makes it ashore where meets Jaime and taunts him into a fight. At one moment it seems like he may have defeated him, but the Lannister manages to run a sword through Euron.

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3. Jaime Lannister

We all thought Jaime's arc would conclude with him getting to Cersei and killing her. Even when he ran off in the last episode, we still held to that hope. But no, he just wanted to get her to safety. Unfortunately, by the time he got to her, the castle was collapsing around them. The last we see of them is just before the castle completely collapses.

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4. Cersei Lannister

In the end, her death wasn't as badass as her life. In fact, wrapped in Jaime's arms, crying that she didn't want her or her child to die, this was a completely different side to Cersei that we hadn't seen in years, possibly ever.

Source: CNet

5. Sandor Clegane

Sandor Clegane died more or less how we expected, locked in mortal combat with his brother, The Mountain. Although, he did do one last good deed before heading to his death: convincing Arya Stark to not follow his path.

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6. The Mountain

Okay yes, technically he was already dead. But now he's gone for good. And it took some beating. Also, we finally found out what he actually looked like.

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7. Qyburn

Much like most trope-y evil scientists, Qyburn's death came at hands of his greatest creation - The Mountain. And why? Because he almost stopped Cleganebowl.

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8. Harry Strickland and the Golden Company

Well, that was easy. The much vaunted fighting force of the Golden Company couldn't withstand the might of Drogon. They didn't exactly put up much of a fight, with Harry Strickland himself being killed while running away.

Source: Insider

9. The people of King's Landing

Remember when Dany said this?

Turns out that was a lie. Who are we kidding? We all knew she was going to burn shit down. Too bad the people of King's Landing didn't.

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Excuse us while we get started on next week's list.