Ever wondered what the famous Oscar gift bag actually contains? Well, this ‘everybody wins’ gift bag is handed out to Oscar nominees, whether they win or not. And according to Forbes, there is so much inside this $215,000 gift bag, that it is actually delivered over a period of time in suitcases or cardboard boxes to the houses of the nominees. 

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The gift bags are not officially from the Oscars but are supplied by a company called Distinctive Assets, which also makes the gift bags for other high-profile events like the Grammys. It has become quite the hype since the first Oscar gift bag in 2002 that estimated to $20,000, to the $232,000 gift bag in 2016. 

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The most expensive thing this bag has seen? The $55,000 vacation to Israel in the 2016 gift bag. The hamper has in the past had a series of extravagant stays to places like Japan, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, Italy and Caicos. Do the rich even need this?

It also includes luxury skincare products, yacht vacation by International Expeditions (valued at $15,000 to $20,000 per person), private therapy sessions with Kalliope Barlis, annual membership to the exclusive MOTA Los Angeles, which is a cannabis-friendly social club and vaporisers. Phew, that’s a lot!  

The brands pay a huge sum to get in the gift bag because it proves to be a smarter way of advertising than compared to asking the actors to endorse the brand. 

Here is a list of the most expensive products in the 2020 Oscar gift bag:

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– A 12-day cruise on the Scenic Eclipse – a yacht for 220 guests, with butler service, two helicopters and a spa ($78,190)
– A romantic vacation in a Spanish lighthouse, which is now a luxury hotel ($1,300 to $1,800 a night)


– One year membership with Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking ($20,000) 

– Cosmetic treatments and rejuvenation procedures such as lip fillers and chemical peels from Manhattan doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich ($25,000)

The strangest gifts in the 2020 Oscar gift bag:

– Hfactor “hydrogen-infused” water ($29.99 a pouch) 

– Hotsy Totsy Haus amethyst bath bombs ($75) 
– A brainwave-sensing meditation headband by Muse ($250)
– Hand crafted A. Junod Absinthe ($70) 
– Exploding Kittens game ($19.99) 

– Forte Medical urine collection system which tests for infections (POR) 

– Gold-plated vape pen from Hollowtips ($150) 
– Two tickers to Daybreaker, a morning-dance community backed by the Greater Good Science Center where the participants do one hour yoga + fitness experience and then dance for two hours. ($45 per person) 
– Soma smart-fit bra which measure your exact breast size ($27.50) 
– YOOBTAPE by Yen the Label, which is basically tape for your boobs ($24) 

Which one on the list are you most jealous of?