Harshad Mehta’s Scam 1992 has emerged as one of the finest Hindi-language web series in recent times. 

Indian Express

While from the screenplay to the acting, everything about the show was exceptional, the theme song is in a different league of its own.  

Thanks to the genius of composer Achint Thakkar.


Composer and guitarist Achint Thakkar, who started his musical journey with the three-piece psychedelic band Rosemary, is a graduate of the Mithibai College from Mumbai


His musical journey actually began with college competitions, where he also met and became friends with Jai Mehta, the co-director of Scam 1992 and the person who first asked Achint to work as a musical composer on Scam 1992. 

While Scam 1992 may have pushed him to widespread fame, it’s not the first web series Thakkar has worked on. He also worked with music composer Mikey McCleary for Amazon Prime Video’s 4 More Shots Please! 

Then again, Achint has been making his way through India’s musical circuits for quite some years now. 

He started his musical journey as the frontman of the psychedelic band Rosemary, where Thakkar admitted to Rolling Stone India, to indulging in a lot of sonic experimentation. 

While the band disbanded in 2011, Achint continued his journey in music by working on and producing his first solo album, Shalimar, in 2015. 

With Rosemary, I was a kid in a candy store. I would throw in everything. With Shalimar too, I was experimenting every day. There’s a lot of sound manipulation going on.

-Achint To Rolling Stone India

Shalimar, a ten-track music project, included collaborations with artists like singer Neeti Mohan, and flautist Naveen Kumar. 

And sound engineer P.A. Deepak, known for his work with A.R. Rahman, worked with Thakkar to mix the tracks. 

Thakkar followed up Shalimar with his next album, Achint & The Khan Brothers, with vocalists Bhutta Khan and Multan Khan. 

Instagram/Achint Thakkar (Photo by Omar Iyer)

Released in 2018, the album was firmly rooted in Rajasthani folk music, and one of the tracks Saavan Mod Muhara was even used in the film Taish.  

Apart from his two albums and the tracks he composed for web series, Achint has also worked on several ad films and also produced single tracks, including remixes and/or covers of songs of artists like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Radiohead, and A.R. Rahman. 

His discography gives ample proof that while Achint may be new to nationwide popularity, he is certainly not new to creating beautiful, soulful music that truly resonates with the audience.

After all, not many composers can claim to have created tracks so brilliant, that it brushed away not just our Monday blues, but even our 2020 pandemic blues! Can’t wait to see and listen to what else Achint Thakkar has in store.  

You can check out more of his work on his YouTube channel.