The Archies made us fall in love with its warm and relatable characters as the movie brought our favorite fictional characters to our television screens. While 6 actors marked their debut with this movie, my individual favorite from the movie is Ethel Muggs.

Aditi Saigal, also known as Dot, is an indie musician and comes from an influential background. In the article below, we have mentioned everything to know about the talented actor and musician.

She embarked on her musical journey when she was 6 and her music composition journey when she turned 12. She collaborated with artists from One World College Of Music. She was honored with the Phillip Pascall Memorial Prize for Outstanding Overall Achievement in the School Of Music.

In college, she joined a band as a vocalist. In 2017, she achieved remarkable success with her video which became a viral sensation on the internet. She sang Everybody Dances to Techno, which garnered over 535K views.

In 2021, she released her first extended play, Khamotion.

Her mother and father, Shena Gamat and Amit Saigal, are famous as well. Her mother, a theater artist and an actor, has notable credits in films such as Band Baaja Baraat and Dev D

Her father, also known as Papa Rock in India’s Rock Music Community, was not just a rock musician but also the visionary behind the nation’s inaugural rock magazine, Rock Street Journal

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The 24-year-old actor and musician finished her education in the nation and enrolled at Wales’ Bangor University, where she obtained a degree in music and creative writing. Later, she got a master’s degree in curriculum and policy at Scotland’s Glasgow University.

Aditi Saigal has an interesting stage name – Dot – and it’s inspired by a conversation with her mother. At the age of 10, she used to have coloring sessions with her mom. During the activity, her mom began placing dots outside the lines. When asked her mother about it, she said:

“Dots never hurt anyone and they make things look interesting.” 

Hence, she embraced a small yet influential dot as her stage name.

There’s no doubt that she acted brilliantly in the movie and we are excited to see her in the future as well.