I was recently watching Netflix’s new aesthetically pleasing film, What Are The Odds. And while I was completely lost in the whimsical, utopian, fairy-tale version of South Bombay, I discovered a lifeboat to get me through this vague coming-of-age drama. 


With his typical nice guy vibes, Ashwin, the high school poster boy got me with his unconventional, mysterious persona and his killer looks. 

But I couldn’t help but wonder where I’d seen his brooding personality and heard his mystical deep voice before. 


So I put my Sherlock hat on, dug deep into Karanvir Malhotra a.k.a Ashwin’s Instagram, only to realise that he was the rich arrogant snob from Selection Day. Yes, I’m talking about Javed. 

I also discovered that this 25-year-old hunk who has stunned us with his flawless acting nurtured his talent pursuing theatre, internationally. 

Yup, that’s right after his family migrated to Melbourne from Delhi, Karanvir grabbed the opportunity to pursue his dreams and started working at the Indian Film Festival Melbourne and Mind Blowing Films. 

Before coming back to India, Karanvir has also performed at Melbourne’s oldest independent theatre Venue La Mama Theatre, Melbourne.

 But his first professional appearance on camera wasn’t a movie or a web-series but an adorable Cadbury Silk commercial in 2016. 


This theatre enthusiast traveled all the way from Melbourne to Delhi for a 5-day-workshop at The National School of Drama and that trip pretty much changed his life. 

Coincidentally during his trip to India, Karanvir discovered that Tess Joseph was auditioning for Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin. Even though Karanvir didn’t get the part, he left quite a remark on the director who then recommended Karanvir for an independent film project in Mumbai. 

And after completing his project, he decided to finally pack his bags and return to Australia but that’s when he auditioned for Amazon Prime Video’s Forgotten Army and stunned us as Amar ( the rebellious grandson) in the show. 

Fun fact, Karanvir’s maternal grandfather actually served in the Indian Army and retired as a Lt. Colonel, according to reports. He then became a lawyer after that. 

And is it just me or something about him is giving us some major chocolate boy vibes? Like that of Jay from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Well, we cannot wait to see more of Karanvir’s killer looks and his acting on screen!