The second trailer for Marvel’s Loki is out. So if you haven’t watched it yet, you should definitely spend a few minutes on YouTube and then get back here for the trailer breakdown. 

The trailer seems to indicate that Loki could be the MCU’s biggest TV project yet, given the repercussions of Loki’s actions. But for now, let’s breakdown the trailer.  

1. Loki created new branches of reality when he escaped with the Space Stone. 

If you remember, the last time we saw Loki, was when the Avengers traveled back in time to 2012 and the trickster escaped with the Tessaract. But in doing so, he created new branches of reality, which essentially leads to the multiverse theory. 


2. But the God of Mischief gets caught by the Time-Keepers or the Temporal Variance Authority. 

The TVA’s whole purpose is to protect the timeline and stop such branching of reality. So, of course, they had to catch the Norse God responsible for it. 

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3. The TVA also happens to have Skrulls. 

Comic books fans would be well aware of the Skrulls. But you would remember them from Captain Marvel or even WandaVision. That said, it’s unclear if the Skrull here, is a prisoner or an operative for the TVA. 

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4. Loki might have also hinted at the presence of Kang-The Conquerer. 

The trailer introduced Judge Renslayer, a 40th-century princess who had caught Kang’s eyes. Kang spared her father’s kingdom but took Ravonna (Renslayer) to the limbo world, which would be MCU’s Quantum Realm. How this ties to Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania would be fun to see. 

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5. The trailer also hints at the presence of The Living Tribunal. 

If you look at the screenshot of Judge Renslayer, you’ll notice three heads behind her. They could indicate the presence of The Living Tribunal, one of the ancient, most powerful beings in Marvel comics. Although the character hasn’t graced our screens yet, it was mentioned in Dr. Strange


6. The TVA is going to use Loki to fix the mess he created when he ran off with the Tessaract. 

The MCU has always maintained that the space-time continuum was a fragile thing. The Ancient One explained as much in Dr. Strange when she tells Strange that he could be messing it up just by reversing time on an apple. She also tells Bruce Banner the same thing in Endgame, when he tries to pry the Time Stone from her neck. 

Where does Loki come into this? Well, it appears that when Loki stole the Space Stone, he broke reality causing a ripple effect throughout the timelines, creating multiple variants of himself. Given that Loki is always 10 steps ahead of everyone else, it would make sense that they would hire him to catch himself. 

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7. The tale of many Lokis- from President Loki to King of Asgard Loki to Loki standing amidst the remains of a decimated New York. 

The trailer shows many variants of Loki, one in the throne room of Asgard. Although, he’s sat on that throne, so it’s not known if that is a memory or a variant. The rest, however, are definitely variants. For example, President Loki, which was created in 2016, as a joke about Trump winning the US presidential elections. 


8. Is Loki hanging out with Natasha Romanoff in Vormir? 

Possibly. But it’s more likely that he’s just hanging out with himself i.e, Lady Loki. That’s true. True to Norse mythology, the God of Mischief can be anyone he wants, any gender, anything basically!


Loki premiers on Disney+Hotstar on the 11th of June.