The new clip of Avengers: Endgame is surprising on many levels. Well, mostly all Marvel material are but this one has packed in a lot of intel. 

1. The teaser begins with Captain America saying, “You know your teams. You know your missions,” which could hint that the Avengers will be separating and going different ways.

The only people missing from this scene are Thor and Captain Marvel. Could it be that they’ve embarked on a different mission?

2. This scene takes place after the Avengers travel to Thanos’ ship on the Quinjet.

Notice Black Widow’s hair –

She’s completely blonde when the Avengers are onboard the Quinjet.

And the scene from the new clip, she’s fashioning her old red hair.

3. You can spot 9 arms in this scene which excludes Thor and Captain Marvel.

We see Tony Stark, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye/ Ronin, Ant-Man and Rocket Racoon in the previous scene when Tony delivers his monologue. That’s six people and six arms.

In the second trailer, Iron Patriot and Nebula also fashion the new suits which bring to a total of 8 arms. The ninth one could be Professor Hulk.

Notice this gigantic arm?

4. Rocket Racoon is finally a member of the Avengers.

Also, Captain America making a plan serves as a throwback to Guardians of the Galaxy. While he wasn’t happy with Star Lord’s plan, he seems to be visibly impressed with Cap’s speech.

5. The absence of Thor and Captain Marvel could hint at the fact that they perished during their fight with Thanos early in the movie.

Interestingly, when Cap says, “No mistakes,” the camera pans towards Thor.

And when he continues – “No do-overs,” it pans towards Captain Marvel.

Could it mean that they die early on in the movie?

You can watch the clip below.