Beyond The Wall really opened up avenues for the 7 remaining episodes in the GoT universe. Jon and his team of bravehearts finally came face to face with the army of the dead, and so did the dragons who significantly depleted the army and helped Jon and his friends escape. However, the biggest moment in a show full of crucial, jaw-dropping junctures was the Night King picking up his ice spear and hurling it towards Viserion. The spear tore through the seemingly invincible dragon’s sides as he crashed on the frozen lake, sinking into the water beneath it.


That cold stare from the Night King is something surely neither Jon nor Daenerys will forget for a long time. And even though both of them might have escaped his wrath, for now, he is the eventual antagonist for Westeros. Which is why we tried and answered all the questions regarding the Night King:

Who the fuck is the Night King?

He isn’t a born blue-eyed zombie-like he is today. He was one of the First Men, who crossed the bridge from Essos and entered Westeros nearly 12000 years ago. Having cut some of the trees for agricultural purposes, the First Men irked the Children of the Forest by uprooting some of their deities. And it is believed that the former human version of the Night King was punished by having a piece of dragon glass being pushed through his chest, so he could destroy the First Men. What the Children of the Forest didn’t anticipate was, they were creating an enemy for themselves too.


When was he first perceived as a threat?

Nearly 2000 years after he was ‘turned’, the First Men and the Children of the Forest had to join hands to fight the Night King. Having raised an army of his own, he attacked the humans but was ably fended off with the joint efforts. We’ve been told about that through the pictures drawn at Dragonstone, which Jon shows to Daenerys.


What the fuck does he want?

Being turned into this creature against his will, the first motivation of the Night King to attack Westeros could be pure vengeance. Why was he the only one to bear the punishment of the deeds of all First Men?


Why has he been looking at Bran Stark with such longing?

Having realised Bran’s ability as a three-eyed raven to comprehend all of the time at once and then travel through it, the Night King realises he could go back in time and reverse what happens to him. And that is one of the major reasons why he seems to be very interested in catching hold of the Youngest Stark in Winterfell.

Does he want to rule the seven kingdoms?

But it is also clear that the Night King is leading an army of several thousand and now that he has turned Viserion, he is looking to use him against the Westerosi as well as Daenerys’s army and two other dragons. So is it possible that the man also wants to rule the 7 kingdoms and sees himself sitting on the Iron Throne? Possibly.


How do we get rid of him and put an end to this chaos north of the wall?

The White Walkers are vulnerable to dragon glass, Valyrian Steel and the Lightbringer. But some fan theories seem to suggest that while all the Night King’s followers have been converted by his touch, is why they’re vulnerable to dragon glass. While the King himself is made from that shard of dragon glass buried into his chest, hence, the only way to kill him might be by removing the shard. Or by making something which comprises of both dragon glass and Valyrian Steel and also serves as a Lightbringer. There’s also a prophecy of Azor Ahai (‘the one’) who will take down the Night King with a special sword. It will be interesting to see what really happens.


There are only 6 more episodes to go in the last season after the finale. Cersei agreeing to fight alongside Jon and Daenerys against the Night King, will be a very interesting sight. Winter is upon us, and so is the enemy that is death. But what do we say to it? Not today.