Recently, Akshay Kumar shared the poster of one of his upcoming films, Gorkha, a biopic on the life of legendary war hero, Major General Ian Cardozo. 

However, now, an ex-Gorkha officer has called out the poster for being factually incorrect. 

Veteran officer Maj Manik M Jolly took to Twitter to share that the image of the Khurki used in the poster was incorrect. He spoke from experience, and even shared the photo of a real Khurki. 

Soon after people responded to this tweet, with some agreeing with Maj. Manik’s opinions, and others, defending the poster:

This is not the first time that Bollywood has got specific details wrong about different Army regiments. While it’s great that Bollywood wants to pay tribute to our war heroes, a little factual accuracy can go a long way in ensuring the authenticity of storytelling.