Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI is something that every film is using these days. Thanks to technology we can do this and create some very 'natural fake images'.

But there are also some very bizarre instances of CGI, like:

01. Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi 

Source: Film Companion

That fake buffalo thing, if you remember. We guess nobody told them that CGI nahi hota aisa. 

02. Rustom 

The movie was released in 2016. Going by the year of release and technological developments they could have done a lot better than this plane which looks like a cardboard cutout. 

03. Half Girlfriend 

Source: Quora

And zero interments in CGI we guess? Digital Bill Gates was too nakli to handle 

04. Jaani Dushman 

Source: Film Companion

We do not want to rant about the movie, cause it's a flawless masterpiece. But one thing we are sure that the makers were CGI ke dushman 

05. Krissh 3 

Source: Book My Show

Fans were expecting a lot more from Krissh 3 than it delivered. For instance, see this scene and decide yourself.  

06. Mohenjo Daro 

Source: Book My Show

The croc scene was supposed to be scary, but we chuckled.  

07. Rudraksh 

Source: Film Companion

Computerised Himalayas and other scenes gave the movie a comic tone 

08. Creature 3D

Source: Book My Show

We are confused if this was horror or humour!

09. Aabra Ka Dabra

Source: You Tube

The CGI was not the only worst part, some people call it Harry Potter ki sasti copy. 

10. Ra.One

Source: Book My Show

Not only were the songs copied but the CGI was bad too.