Milind Soman who was recently bestowed upon the title of ‘Ultraman’ after concluding the most difficult marathon in Florida, now participated in the holiest marathon in the world held in Jerusalem, Israel. 

b’Milind Soman running at the Jerusalem Marathon’

And like always, he was at it with the same spirit, exactly the way we’ve seen him running at a number of Marathons across the globe. 

b’Milind at the Jerusalem Marathon Press conference’

But apart from being a part of the marathon, Milind also explored the holy city like a tourist.

Straight from Israel, here are some exclusive pictures of the man who redefines fitness:

b’Milind Soman with the Mayor of Jerusalem Mr Nir Barkat’
b’Milind Soman praying at the Western Wall, Jerusalem’
b’Milind Soman wearing the Dead Sea Mud Pack’
b’Milind Soman at a Beach in Dead Sea, Israel’
b’Milind Soman at a Beach in Dead Sea, Israel’
b’Western Wall’
b’Milind Soman at a market in Old City Jerusalem’

(Image Source: Israel Ministry Of Tourism)