We’re living in a time where there is an abundance of dating apps and websites available to us. And while this has resulted in a huge level of inclusivity, every so often, many of us are left a little stunned with the kinds of dating apps that exist! For instance, Gleeden is a dating app for consensual non-monogamy, for extramarital dating. Yes, yep, you read that right.

This is definitely an interesting category of dating, but what’s even more interesting is that Gleeden recently announced that they’ve surpassed 10 million users worldwide. Out of which 2 million users are Indian.

The French company’s country manager for India, Sybil Shiddel said, India is a country that, while worshipping marriage and monogamy, keeps growing as far as subscribers on the app. 2022 alone brought us +18 percent new users, increasing from 1.7 million in December 2021 to the current +2 million.

Dating, Extramarital
Credit: The Hans India

Apparently, the number of users have grown about 11% since September 2022. In fact, most of the new customers are from Tier 1 cities of India and from wealthy families.

Gleeden has also stated that the app is safe for women to use, and is estimated to have about 40% women users in 2023.