extrovert ( noun) : an outgoing, socially confident person.

The word ‘extrovert’ has always had a negative connotation. And people often fail to understand that being an extrovert is just about being “more awesome.” You are misunderstood as loud, over-talkative and someone who’s just all over the place. While people try to judge you and make opinions about you, they miss out on all the problems that you have to deal with in your day to day life;

1. You get this a lot, ” Dusro ke maamlo mein zyaada taang nahi adaani chahiye.”

2. Just because you can’t sit still and can never shut up, people think you’re being childish.

So what’s wrong with having extremely high levels of energy and an unbeatable zest for life?

3. You’ve lost count on the number of times people thought you were hitting on them just because you like plain old, platonic “talking.”

4. You are accused of trying to be the “centre of attention” and “stealing people’s thunder.”

And all you’d like to say to them is, “It’s not my fault, I was born awesome.”

5. Some ass-holes even go as far as calling you “chaep” just because like hanging out with people all the time.

6. You are always over-enthusiastic about weekends. And you get pissed off at your friends if they don’t share your enthusiasm…

7. However, things get complicated when you get too excited and make 10 different plans with 10 different sets of friends.

8. Your colleagues prefer using headphones over listening to you.

9. When you talk, your hands talk with you.

You’re an animated talker. That means you can;t help but explain with your hands what you;re already explaining with your mouth.

11. And if you’re an extrovert with brains, then they think you’re a show-off.

12. The idea of being quiet at a movie hall or at a theatre makes you break out in a cold sweat.

13. On the odd day when you’re not feeling low, people either think that you’re being moody or you’re deadly depressed.

14. You have to constantly bear the moral responsibility to keep everyone around you happy and cheerful.

15. You’re one of those people who get dark circles under their eyes because their social life is too active.

But at the end of it all, you’d be a louder version of you than a quieter version of someone else.