Dear Zindagi is one of the most beautiful movies churned out by Hindi cinema. From flawed parenting and dealing with mental health to choosing to be happy, this movie makes us smile and sob, all at once.

While there are a bunch of scenes that make us smile throughout the movie, there’s this one scene that taught its audience a valuable lesson.

Dear Zindagi
Dear Zindagi

Prakriti, a social media user, took to her account and shared how she, like most of us, grew up with the idea that the ‘easy’ way is always the ‘wrong’ way.

However, a scene from the movie, where Dr. Jehangir (Shah Rukh Khan) asked about what’s so wrong with choosing the easy way out, changed her perception.

She mentioned, in a separate tweet, that picking a ‘difficult’ path is not always correct and the entire idea is absolutely messed up and flawed.

She concluded her thread by mentioning that taking a step back doesn’t mean one is running away, it simply means that one cares about their own peace and boundaries.

Needless to mention, a bunch of netizens could relate to the scene and her point of view. And, here’s what they had to say:

This is your reminder to re-watch this movie today!